Safeguard your Motors and Cables with the HPS Centurion™ S SineWave Motor Protection Filter

Posted: Dec 18,2023

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SineWave Filter on blue backgroundHPS is pleased to announce the launch of the HPS Centurion™ S SineWave Motor Protection Filter.

The HPS Centurion™ S SineWave Motor Protection Filter is a robust solution, purposefully designed to condition the pulse width modulated (PWM) output of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) into a nearly perfect sinusoidal waveform.

In applications with long lead distances, the HPS Centurion™ S effectively filters out high-frequency components. This not only mitigates both common mode and differential mode noise but also significantly diminishes the bearing current of the motor. The result is enhanced efficiency and heightened protection for both the motor and its connecting cable.

Motor protection features:

Extend motor lifespan: The HPS Centurion™ S represents a robust and efficient solution to safeguard motors, extending their lifespan and significantly improving overall efficiency.

Improved performance: By mitigating high-frequency currents and voltage spikes, the HPS Centurion™ S ensures lower temperature operation and improved overall performance.

Increased efficiency: The filter optimizes the power delivered to the motor, contributing to increased operational efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Motor Voltage
No Filter

Motor Voltage Graph with no filter

Motor Voltage
With SineWave Filter

Motor Voltage Sine wave graph

For detailed information about the HPS Centurion™ S SineWave Motor Protection Filter, visit our product page.