HPS offers an extensive line of transformers and reactors for a broad range of markets.

Transformers for Renewable Energy Applications 

Renewable Energy

HPS builds transformers for alternative energy systems such as wind power and solar. As the demand increases for energy-efficient products, HPS continues to invest in R&D to meet the demands for this growing market.

Transformers for drive and automation applications 

Drive and Automation

HPS Drive Isolation Transformers are engineered to regulate power to conveyors, robotics, machine tools and other production-line equipment.

Transformers for energy distribution applications 

Energy Distribution

As our cities and industries grow, so does the dependence on the reliability of the electrical infrastructure. From commercial and institutional buildings to integrated electrical power systems and telecommunications, there is an increasing demand for quality power.

Transformers for Infrastructure applications 


Since the electrical grid delivers electricity to billions of consumers, it must rely on dependable magnetic solutions with outstanding quality.

Transformers for Irrigation applications 


HPS transformers are incorporated into irrigation systems used for many applications such as water crops, maintain landscapes, cool livestock, and dust suppression.

Transformers for Industrial applications 


In extreme conditions, our customers need equipment that can survive and perform demanding, complex applications. HPS transformers are suited for many demanding industrial markets including mining, paper mills, aluminum smelters and chemical plants.