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HPS Power transformer

Power Transformers

HPS power transformers incorporate modern design and production capabilities to provide cost effective and energy efficient designs for almost any application.

HPS Furnace Transformer

Furnace Transformers

HPS furnace transformers are designed to resist the high levels of electrical, thermal and mechanical stresses to which they are subject to during utilization.

HPS Converter Transformer

Converter Transformers

Converter transformers are used in industries such as cement and steel plants, and other related applications.

HPS Regulating Transformer

Regulating Transformers

These transformers incorporate reliable on-load tap changers designed to provide a constant output voltage from a variable input voltage.
HPS Multi-Pulse Transformer

Multi-Pulse Transformers

These transformers are designed specifically for inherent harmonics, voltage distortion and other unique characteristics associated with drive systems.
HPS Distribution Transformer

Distribution Transformers

Typical applications for HPS distribution transformers include commercial/industrial buildings, and distribution substations. They are typically used for voltage conversion from 35kV and below.

Compact Substations

HPS Pad Mounted Transformer

Pad Mounted Transformers

HPS pad mounted transformers are suitable for operation in public areas while providing a complete system including HV fusing protection and switching capabilities.

HPS Unitized Substation

Unitized Substations

Designed to provide a complete substation in one enclosure. HPS can incorporate HV and LV equipment on both sides of the transformer to meet system requirements.