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HPS offers a variety of oil filled and dry‐type magnetic solutions that comply with many regulatory standards including IEC.

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HPS Catalogs & Literature

Our HPS product brochures allow you to configure and specify the right product for your needs.

  • Renewable Energy

  • Infrastructure

  • Industrial

  • Irrigation

  • Drive and Automation

  • Energy Distribution

Industries we serve

Renewable Energy

HPS builds custom transformers for alternative energy systems such as wind power and co-generation...

Industries we serve


HPS provides both dry-type and oil filled transformers to major infrastructure organizations throughout...

Industries we serve


HPS is one of the leading suppliers of converter duty, arc furnace and induction furnace transformers...

Industries we serve


Government policies place a high level of importance on the irrigation sector. HPS has...

Industries we serve

Drive and Automation

HPS knows how to create technical solutions according to customer requirements. We have over 20 years...

Industries we serve

Energy Distribution

Oil filled and dry-type transformers are frequently used for the distribution of electrical energy. They provide the necessary...

Technical Support

Leverage many tools to assist you with your technical questions: Customer Service, FAQs, Troubleshooting Guide, Installation Manuals, Instruction Sheets and Webinars.

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About Us

HPS is the largest manufacturer of dry-type transformers in North America. We engineer and manufacture a wide range of standard and custom transformers that are exported globally in electrical equipment and systems.

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