NRCan 2019

Posted: May 26,2017

General News  

Implemented in 1995 under the Energy Efficiency Act by Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), the Energy Efficiency Regulations prescribe the minimum energy efficiency levels for Dry type transformers in Canada. The Energy Efficiency Regulations are being amended to prescribe new higher energy efficiency levels.

The announcement of this change can be found on the following NRCAN website: (you may also refer to the NRCAN Forward Regulatory plan for 2017 – 19).  The new energy efficiency levels, that will become effective in 2018, are intended to align the minimum energy efficiency levels of dry type transformers sold in Canada with the latest regulations prescribed by the US Department of Energy (DOE) that were implemented January 1st 2016.

In concert with these changes, the Ontario Green Energy Act of 2009 has been recently amended by the Ontario Regulation 404/12 “Energy and Water Efficiency – Appliances and Products” – O.Reg.419/16. This provincial legislation prescribes new higher energy efficiency levels for Dry Type Transformers to be sold in Ontario as of January 1st, 2018.  This change by Ontario means that it will be the first province to adopt the new NRCAN levels described above.  Other provinces (perhaps excluding Quebec) are expected to adopt the new NRCAN efficiency levels in 2019 (the exact timing is not yet available from either NRCAN or the applicable provinces).  Please check back at the first NRCAN website above to obtain any news related to this change.

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) proudly supports this change and the environmental benefits that will result from using higher efficiency transformers. To support its customers in preparation of these changes HPS already offers a premium DOE 2016 efficiency product line both in low and medium voltage dry type distribution transformers.  These products will be further enhanced in light of the pending change to the NRCAN Regulations, in order to better support the specific needs of our Canadian customers.