New Energy Savings Standard Effective July 1st 2015

Posted: Mar 16,2015


The European Parliament has established new energy efficiency standards for transformers known as European Directive 2009/125/CE or the Ecodesign Directive under regulation N. 548/2014. The new standard requires that all transformers sold from June 11th, 2014 through June 30th, 2015 requiring installation in the member states of the European Union, MUST be put into service no later than June 30th 2015 (with the exception of those transformers that are excluded by the regulation or are already ordered and produced in compliance with the above directive). HPS strongly suggests that you notify your staff regarding this new standard in order to be prepared to receive orders for transformers where installation will be in the European Union.

HPS remains at your disposal for any further information or clarification you might need (with the understanding that HPS is not liable for anyone who does not follow the new Ecodesign Directive). Our complete line of ISOCAST Green products are completely compliant with the new Ecodesign Standards and are available for sale. Please contact us for more information.