HPS Offers Enclosed Option to Existing Centurion R Reactor Line

Posted: Mar 25,2015

General News  

Hammond Power Solutions Inc. (HPS), North America’s leading manufacturer of dry-type transformers and magnetics, has announced the availability of their Centurion® R reactor with an enclosed option providing customers with a complete reactor solution.

The HPS Centurion® R is available as an open core and coil, Type 1 (as standard) or Type 3R (as special) enclosed unit.  These rugged steel ventilated enclosures are constructed for indoor use to provide protection to the reactor against ingress of solid foreign objects as well as protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts.  The HPS Centurion® R enclosed units may be ordered complete from HPS or a partner may combine a core and coil unit with the enclosure in their authorized facility.

The HPS Centurion® R reactor is designed to address both line-side and load-side issues associated with demanding AC drive applications.  This reactor is available in standard ratings from 0.5HP to 1000HP, up to 690 V and is suitable for a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, wastewater, oil and gas, food processing and automotive industries.

For more information on the HPS Centurion® R, please visit our website or contact your local sales representative.