New Energy Efficiency Standards Coming in 2016

Posted: Oct 6,2014

General News  

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) amended the current energy efficiency standards (also known as TP1) for distribution transformers. The new standard will come into effect on January 1st 2016 and is expected, according to the DOE, to reduce energy losses by an average of 18% in low voltage dry-type distribution transformers and by 13% in medium voltage dry-type transformers.

As a result of these higher transformer efficiencies, over a 30 year period (2016 – 2045) DOE projects savings of up to $12.9 billion in total costs for consumers, saving families and businesses money while reducing energy consumption. The new energy efficiency standard’s positive environmental impact includes 3.63 quadrillion BTU’s of energy saved during the above mentioned period, that translates in avoiding 265 million metric tons of CO2 emissions equivalent to the annual emissions of about 52 million automobiles.

For more information, please see the DOE website:

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) supports this change and the environmental benefits that will result from using higher efficiency transformers. HPS will be in a position to support the migration to the new higher-efficiency designs that is anticipated to begin the latter half of 2015.

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