HPS Announces Launch of New HPS Centurion R Reactor

Posted: Jul 23,2014

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GUELPH, ON (July 23rd, 2014) – Hammond Power Solutions is delighted to announce the launch of their new reactor, the HPS Centurion® R.  This reactor provides a unique blend of improved performance and reliability while reducing the product footprint.

The HPS Centurion® R reactor is designed to address both line-side and load-side issues associated with demanding AC drive applications.  This reactor is available in standard ratings from 0.5HP to 1200HP, up to 690 V with de-rating, and is suitable for a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, wastewater, oil and gas, food processing and automotive industries.

Benefits of the HPS Centurion® R include:

  • Minimization of harmonic distortion
  • Mitigation of nuisance tripping
  • Reduced line notching
  • Extended life of switching components and motors
  • Reduced audible motor noise and motor operating temperature

Fully compliant with UL, CSA, CE, IEC and NEMA standards, the HPS Centurion® R features high-quality steel laminations, specially designed bobbins, finger safe terminal blocks and is vacuum-pressure impregnated with VT (vinyl-toluene) Polyester Resin to diminish audible noise and provide protection from corrosion.

The HPS Centurion® R is offered as open core and coil, Type 1 (as standard) or Type 3R (as special) enclosed units.  The HPS Centurion® R is offered in 1.5%, 3% and 5% impedance ratings.