HPS Transformer Selector Website Now Available

Posted: May 30,2011

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Guelph, ON – Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) today unveiled a new, Internet based Transformer selector site called HPS Toolbox. Selecting an HPS transformer is now only a click away with tools such as an Energy Savings Calculator, Current Calculator, and a Buck-Boost Selector.

Energy Savings Calculator

In today’s growing energy efficient market, it is more important than ever to calculate the energy savings of a product. The benefits of using the HPS Energy Savings Calculator can save a business considerable money in their yearly energy outlay. The Energy Savings calculator calculates the energy consumption (kWh), energy costs, and energy dollar savings using HPS Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers within a selected application profile.

Current Calculator

Calculating the current of a transformer is now easier than ever with the help of the Current Calculator tool. This tool will calculate the Amps, Volts or kVA of a transformer.

Buck-Boost Selector

Selecting a buck-boost transformer is no longer a daunting task. The Buck-Boost Selector tool will select the HPS UniversalTM Buck-Boost Transformer part number that best meets your application requirements and provides a wiring schematic of that part number for easy reference.

To use the HPS Tool Box site, simply go to www.hpstoolbox.com and choose from one of the three tools that meets your needs. Choosing a HPS transformer has never been easier with the new HPS Tool Box.