HPS develops new series of Industrial Open Core & Coil Control Transformers

Posted: May 1,2010

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Guelph, Ontario – Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) has developed a new series of industrial open core & coil control transformers called the ‘HPS Spartan™’. These control transformers are ideally suited for general purpose, industrial and light duty loads and designed for applications where high inrush or machine tool duty is not necessary. The HPS Spartan is the perfect solution for HVAC applications, signal and alarm systems, motor control circuits, lighting and circuit isolation found in the commercial, agriculture, security, automation and solar industries.

Offered in 10 standard voltage groups ranging from 50 VA through to 5000 VA, the HPS Spartan has been designed with molded terminal blocks for primary and secondary connections up to 3000 VA or 30 amps; and coil face terminations over 3000 VA or 30 amps. All terminal blocks utilize a combination slot/Phillips #6 screw with a SEMS washer; whereas the coil face terminations utilize a ¼ – 20 UNC x 0.50” combination slot/Phillips screw and a spring lock washer. The coils have been wound with high dielectric strength insulation to match our superior insulating materials to ensure the quality and durability of the HPS Spartan.

Optional accessories offered include finger guards or a fuse block adapter kit available on all units up to and including 3000 VA or 30 amps. The fuse block adapter kit is designed to allow for the installation of any third party after market fuse block assembly onto the industrial control transformer.

In addition HPS can provide custom control transformers to fit your design style requirements for most standard or specialty applications. From custom medium voltage to enclosed and even the open core & coil control transformers, HPS has the engineering and manufacturing resources to deliver your custom control transformer how you want it and when you need it.